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We’re a team of enigmatic youngsters who are trying to smoothen the food industry. We are a weird and unique combination of gastronomes, analysts and techies experienced in food marketing and communication. As insiders, we realized the difficulties food & beverage companies, start-ups and restaurants face in digital marketing. We felt the requirement of a team that can understand the soul of the company, the taste of the food and the heart of the market. Hence we set up ‘Fudd’. We want to help food establishments increase their sales and space in the market through wise and sharp digital marketing techniques and execution.
We thoroughly confer with you and our team of experts in the Food marketing & communication sector to create the quintessential marketing strategy for your organization. We then execute it by creating the perfect blend of design, data and diligence for your dish. From content marketing to web design to public relations, We cook it all in our kitchen. Come, taste the Fudd!

we will work for food.

Meet the main fuddies

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Adil Latheef

Chief Fuddie/CEO


Binyamin Jahafar


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Athul Krishnan

Strategist & Advisor

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theo crutcher

Design Lead


But our strength lays in the network of consultants, linguists,
market experts &
strawberry pickers specific to the different international market.

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