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10 tips for Marketing Food to Millennials

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

If you are a food brand that is targeting millennials, this is for you - Up to 73% of the Millennials and much more of the centennials engage food digitally through social media (FMI data). That means, as they say, Content is actually the King.

Millennials like to see transparency, modernity and yet purpose in your brand before they buy anything from you. They easily pick on you when you are trying to pump the age-old marketing strategy. Please keep them on TVs and don't bring it on to their feeds. They care about what makes your food different, they care about what you stand for and how you address issues in society. An 'organic' or 'natural' label doesn't matter much to them anymore. They need you to tell them what is beyond all these. Specifically, Tell them on their feeds as they aren't available anywhere else like on Instagram or YouTube. They like it when you talk to them with data and design. They like it when you make them think and let them play. They get more excited about videos than anything else. They are not loyal or committed to you as you might think because there are so so so many out there like you.

Then, How can you reach the heart of the millennials and turn them into your customer?

Here are 10 things keep in mind while formulating your Content / Social Media Strategy. 1. They love videos

According to Brightcove, Brands that use small videos saw an increase of 157% organic traffic. Millennials are watching videos than ever before. In fact, 33% of all online activity is spent on watching videos. If you are a new restaurant in the neighbourhood or a plant-based startup, We would suggest you create small video bits with your brand identity as you build your website. This can be circulated on any digital marketing platform. 2. They like it transparent Millennials have been brought in an age with strange news about FMCG companies and because of these, at least a chunk of them has a natural repulsion against them. Social media is a big opportunity to change that. They love content that gives more transparency to your company. Telling them where do you source your products or how is your production is done exponentially increases their trust in you. 3. They want to play and think

Entertainment and Marketing in social media are diluted like never before. While they have so many other attractive contents that will keep their interests, why should they worry about yours? Providing them with playful and out-of-the-box content that will invoke their senses is challenging but it will definitely increase your chances to gain a loyal customer.

4. They are purpose-driven Millennials are conscious customers. More than the goodness of your food, other things matter to them. What does your brand stand for? What is your brand’s opinion of a particular social issue? Are you a leader or just a follower? What values are you adding to them? These are some of the basic questions they ask before they buy anything. That means, If you have a void on your social media and are unable to communicate this, you are missing a lot of sales that you deserve. 5. They care about the Environment Millennials and Centennials are environmentally conscious than ever before. World wide movements are just a part of that. They are sceptical about you if they aren’t really sure about your standards of sustainability. No communication regarding sustainability means unsustainable to them. Hence it is highly important to let them know about your brand’s position in regards to sustainability and environmental commitment.

6. They love data According to Fudd, "68% percent of the Millennials are more attentive when you give them claims and sentences like this". That means, they like figures. They like comparisons. Contents that specifically provide them details on the benefits of consuming your brand supported by your data is what they are looking for. 7. The design turns them on

Design is another key to open their heart. In fact, a very important one. The first impression of your brand, let it be at the airport billboard or as an Instagram advertisement, it’ll stay with them. But in an age when everyone is able to create standard content, it is highly important to stand out. Creating a team or making use of an agency to take care of all these wouldn’t be a waste of money or effort 8. They value honesty Long past is the days where customers/millennials prioritise brands for their size or rate. As social media opens up an opportunity for marketing, it also rips off the curtain of manipulation. As consumers are becoming more and more aware of brands’ strategies to increase sales. Sharing honest content will create more trust and value among millennials. They are much more likely to spend their money for an honest story than a bulged up purpose. 9. They listen to stories Traditionally, Storytelling has always been crucial for any brand. It remains the same even today but the way and the vibe you include into your story matters a lot. What’s your story? How are you telling it to them? Does the story feel relevant to them? Have you updated your ways of storytelling? Think about all these. When we think about it, marketing is all about fragmenting the story and serving it to the potential customers' piece by piece. 10. Sell good food

All of the above is only applicable if your brand can meet these criteria. Maybe you’ll get them for the first time or hardly, the second time with the things mentioned above. If the food is not good, it’ll backfire through all these channels. Creating an amazing brand is directly proportionate to serving amazing food. These are the 10 quintessential points to keep in mind while marketing food to millennials or centennials. We hope you get positive outcomes integrating these into your marketing strategy. Good luck! By Adil Latheef Food Marketing Specialist & Chief Fuddie Fudd

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