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Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Almost a hundred years ago, in 1921, when Adil was sitting under an apple tree at the Himalayan village of Kalga, an apple fell on his head, which he had a small bite of. It tasted so amazing that he thought “how come no one knows about this apple?”. That single thought changed the history of the food world. Adil eventually started an amazing marketing team on a mission to make Apples and delicious food famous. That’s how Fudd was founded.

100 years later, Stories like these are boring. The world has evolved into something else. That’s how he realised a need for a new story associated with his agency and he came up with the most honest one. Until a few months ago, He has been working as a Content and Digital Marketing Manager for a few innovative Dutch food companies. Working closely with his bosses/founders he realised how difficult it is for these companies to do their marketing. With a lack of funds, resources and ideas, they struggled to reach their potential customers. It was tragic to see companies with amazing products and services fail. Whenever they wanted to approach a marketing agency, The agencies never understood the heart of the company or the value and effort behind the amazing food but kept on releasing invoices with extra zeroes. His love for food was so much that, Adil wanted to solve this problem. Being young and amazingly enthusiastic, He believed that he can smoothen the food industry and reinvent food marketing. His education and experience stepped up to help him. His master degree in Food Marketing & Communication from the University of Gastronomic Sciences and Bachelor degree in Food Technology from Amity university has already given him a strategical understanding of how food companies work. Which added up to the expertise that he picked while working at companies like Seamore, WIINC & Hershey’s. He immediately planned up with his friend Binyamin, who was then a Senior Analyst at PwC dealing with Food & Agricultural industry. He was already well aware of what Adil had realised recently and had a thorough understanding of international Food/Agri markets. They didn’t wait any longer... They teamed up with other outstanding strategists and creatives to demolish conventional food marketing and reinvent methods of storytelling. The story doesn’t end here. They are still on their proven and successful mission by supporting food companies to make the food fancy, brand crazy and sales easy.

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